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Budget Breakdown

Market Overview

Target Market

Get an exact suggested breakdown of each dollar spent based on your budget.

Get an understanding of what the overall market that you are working in looks like. 

Understand what target markets you should focus your efforts on. 

Time Breakdown

Technology Tools

Buyer Persona

Get a clear understanding of how to spend each hour launching your business. 

Get suggestions on the exact tech tools that you should use for launch and grow.

Receive example visuals of the type of person that you would be selling into.

Customer Segments

Business Formation

Sales Strategy

Understand what types of customer segments you should focus on.

Understand the differences between different types of ways to form legally.

Get real suggestions on how to go about selling your consulting offering to others.

Services Offered

Marketing Strategy

Risk Analysis

Get insightful and detailed ideas on other services you can offer to your clients. 

Get real suggestions on how to go about selling your consulting offering to others. 

Understand the potential risks involved in launching your particular business. 

How to get started

1. Create an account. It's easy, and all we need is an email and password. 

2. Provide us with information about yourself and your consulting side hustle idea.

3. Receive a detailed 10-point analysis of your side hustle idea in minutes.

Sample reports

A recruiting business that helps high-growth technology companies scale with top talent. I have up to 20 hours available per week, and a budget of $2,500- $5,000 for startup costs.

A marketing consulting side hustle focused on up-and-coming brands.

A cybersecurity consulting company for small businesses. I have 11-25 hours available per week, and $1,000-$5,000 available for startup costs.

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