Frequently Asked Questions

Armchair is an AI-powered tool that helps anyone who has a dream of starting something of their own (big or small) choose and launch the right type of side hustle or business for them specifically. We take into account your skills, experience, interests, motivations, and budget and help you come up with side hustle ideas, and then validate those ideas.

Simply enter information about your professional background, skills, experience, and ideas, Armchair does the rest. We currently offer two features with more in production. Choose: Get side hustle ideas based on you and your background. Validate: Validate your business idea with a 10-point analysis.

Choose is FREE! Validate is $19 (one-time cost). There are no monthly subscriptions or commitments.

You can generate up to 3 reports.

To view previously generated reports, simply go to the "My Reports" section of your account.